A haggared boy no older than eighteen stood between a patrol of knights and two sisters from the frontier village of Veradey.

The contrast between the boy and the knights were staggering. The villager was breathing heavily carrying his grain scythe with both hands gripped tightly. Blood trickled from wounds he got while trying to escape.

The knights, on the other hand, were in peak condition. Their movement was easy and fluid. They walked like they were wearing normal clothes when in reality all three knights were in full plate armor. Proof of years of hard training.

The three villagers were cornered. The boy wielding the grain scythe was all that stood between them and certain death.

The three nights slowly circled around the group, making sure to cover any means of escape.

“Come on lads, what you ‘fraid of.” The young boy said with as much confidences as he could muster.  In truth, he was very scared but his only response to fear growing up had been to joke about it.

“I bet you empire slags couldn’t even take me, I’ll kill the lot of ya and be back home in time to save everyone else, I’ll be the villages own hero maybe I could be the next Lion of the Red Cross.”

With that title, all three knights stopped circling the villagers.

“You hear that brothers? this boy thinks he’s gonna be the next Lion of the Red Cross!”

One of the knights said his tone filled with mock awe.

“you know what boy,” said another knight. “if you think you’re so strong, we’ll let the lot of you go if you can best one of us.”

The other knights chuckled among themselves.

“really?” asked the boy “ya right like Id trust empire slags like you.”

“You’re all nothing.” The boy cursed them and he took a fighting stance.

“You have balls kid, I’ll give you that.”

The knight who spoke faced the boy. He charged at him with great speed as if his armor weighed nothing at all.

The villager swung his scythe at the oncoming knight.「Fly」

The sisters closed their eyes and buried their heads into each other, both terrified.

The knight drew his sword to match with the scythe. Both weapons clashed with a clang. The weight of the scythe pushed back against the sword.

“I applaud your courage kid,” the knight said.